Moxie Soda In Florida… Why?

Growing up in Maine, there are certain things you miss when you move away. Lobster rolls, Italian sandwiches, whoopie pies and the leaves changing color in fall. But there are 2 things you don’t miss… snow and Moxie Soda.

If you’ve lived your entire life in Florida, chances are you don’t even know what Moxie is. And that’s a good thing. Keep it that way. I always tell people Moxie is the result of mixing used motor oil with sewer water and frog intestines. Although officially, I’m told the description is it tastes like black licorice.

To say it’s an acquired taste is an understatement. Most Mainers I know hate the stuff, but it has a hardcore legion of fans that even throw festivals in its honor. My only theory about this group of people is that lobsters have clawed off their taste buds over time.

Well imagine my surprise when I was shopping at Publix here in the beautiful land of palm trees when I saw that terrifying orange label. Even the logo shows a guy who looks like he’s about to warn you that this stuff is gross. But yes, sure enough Publix locations have apparently appeased the 5 snowbirds who come to Tampa Bay and want their Moxie. I’ve seen it now in two stores – Brandon and this photo was taken at the Publix in downtown St. Pete.




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