Funnel Bacon on a Stick at the Florida Strawberry Festival

If you’ve listened to my show anytime during Florida Strawberry Festival week, you’ve no doubt heard me obsess over what is probably my favorite food ever. Funnel bacon on a stick (or “Funnel Fried Bacon” if you’ve seen it on The Cooking Channel TV show “Carnival Eats”) is the creation of “Mama Jane” Harris from The Best Around Inc.

She’s the Goddess of Funnel Cakes. Her creations like funnel cake pizza from the Florida State Fair have been seen on TV nationwide.

Mama Jane is tasked with creating something new for Plant City every year. Funnel bacon on a stick was never intended to come back for a second year but I raised such a fuss about it on the air that I’ve forced them to bring it back to the Strawberry Festival now for what will be an an unprecedented 4th year in 2018.

It sounds so simple, but it’s life-changing. Mama takes a thick cut piece of bacon, dips it in her famous funnel cake batter, deep fries it and sprinkles on powdered sugar and a maple butter drizzle. The result is an explosion of breakfasty awesomeness in your mouth.

By the way, that proposal she mentions on The Cooking Channel? Yeah that was me.

If you’re at the Strawberry Festival, you’re less likely to find me backstage or at the QYK tent. I’m usually standing outside their booth bullying people into changing their mind if they dare to order anything except Funnel Bacon on a Stick. I always win.

The question I get every year is how to find it. Only one vendor has it so you have to do your homework now. If you’re at a concert, exit near the stage to your left.

Published by Geno from 99.5 WQYK

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