Where To Find The Best Chicken Parmesan in St. Pete

Some beautiful pictures from my lunch yesterday. If you ever need to bribe me or make me forget you owe me $100, bring me chicken parm. You’ll find the best chicken parm at Italia Mia, a hidden little dive inside a strip mall on MLK at 1165 62nd Avenue North in St. Petersburg.

It’s not just the best in St. Pete. Or Tampa Bay. Probably all of Florida.

Since moving to the Pinellas side of Tampa Bay last year, it’s a crime this was only my third visit to Italia Mia. You can go the sub route… $7.25 or the chicken parmesan meal is about $13 with pasta. The sub is enormous so I suggest ordering that and adding a small dinner salad for a couple bucks with their A+ house-made Italian dressing.

I’m told their pizza is great too, but after 20 or 30 visits, I still haven’t tried it. The chicken parm is just too good. Good Italian food is not easy to find in Florida.

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