The “Nights With Geno” Podcast

I’m finally doing it. I’m one of those radio elitist dweebs who’s always said podcasts are for people who want to be on the radio who can’t make it on the radio. But it took a few great podcasts to get my mind reset on the whole thing. And now that I’ve done a few podcasts, I’m in. Finally.

The “Nights With Geno” podcast will be very similar to my social media. It will be a lot of country, but I’m definitely going to color outside the lines of what you hear me talk about on QYK. I might do a podcast about pro wrestling. I might talk about best pizza spots in Tampa Bay. I might rant about the Rays or Lightning… or someone who cut me off in traffic. I’m not quite sure what the podcast is going to turn out to be over time. I’m winging it and seeing what happens. And so far, you guys seem to be digging it, which is totally flattering.

To start, I’m uploading a bunch of my interviews from backstage at the ACMs because many missed their favorites when the aired on WQYK. But beyond that you’ll also find podcasts labeled “The Other 59 Minutes,” which is a jab at my own radio show. In a given hour on QYK, you pretty much hear me for a minute at the most. So now you get to hear the other 59 minutes.

Here are the links:

iPhone users:
Other users:

If you are not a podcasting fan yet, you can also just click play on the podcasts via my QYK webpage.

Published by Geno from 99.5 WQYK

Hey I'm Geno. For more of my pictures and rants about the Bucs, Rays, Lightning, food, music & the life of a Mainer in Florida, follow @WQYKGeno on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat or @GenoGeno on Facebook. Hear my show "Nights With Geno" weeknights at 7 on 99.5 QYK Tampa Bay. Not in Florida? Listen with the free QYK app or search for "WQYK" on the iHeartRadio app.

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