Arn Anderson The Night Before Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair 1994

Up til now it’s been a lot of country music talk on my podcast.  Today, it’s a treat from my radio archives for those who are fans of old school pro wrestling.  I found this gem on an old cassette.  I talked with Arn Anderson the night before Ric Flair took on Hulk Hogan in a career vs career match.  As it often happens with wrestling, both continued to wrestle, but at the time, it was a big deal and it seemed like one was legitimately going to hang up the boots.  

October 22, 1994. Your radio pal Geno was 21 years old and still trying to decide if he wanted to be a pro wrestling ring announcer or radio DJ.   Somehow the two worlds collided.  The summer before I graduated college, I hosted a nationally syndicated pro wrestling talk show called Inside Pro Wrestling.

The funny thing about this show is it was in that era when most had pretty much figured out pro wrestling was more entertainment than sport, but the guests on the show usually stayed in character.  These days in wrestling, interviews are 90 seconds long and are scripted word for word.  To hear Arn Anderson stay in character and be so eloquent and real for almost a full hour, it really speaks to how smart the guy was.

Plus you get to hear him look into the crystal ball. And his worked pretty well. Check out how he predicts the future success of Steve Austin, long before his “Stone Cold” days.

The interview was done about 3 years after that photo was taken. That’s me on the right wearing the t-shirt from my first radio station, Thunder 107. And check out those stylish acid wash jeans.  Back then I used a dumb radio name because I was convinced I needed to sound super cool.  I don’t quite remember where the J.T. part came from, but Tully was because I was a fan of Arn’s tag team partner Tully Blanchard as a kid.  You hear Arn say my real name about 10 seconds into the interview. Oops.

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