Why Florida Loved Anthony Bourdain

You know why we loved Anthony Bourdain? Because there’s no way Gordon Ramsay would go to Waffle House.

For a guy who traveled the world and ate every conceivable delicacy from scrumptious to revolting, the fact that Anthony showed some serious love to Waffle House is everything. He was well-traveled, well-spoken… but he’d still be a guy who you could drink cheap beer with. He was one of those rare chameleons that could probably fit in with college kids, truckers, or politicians with no effort. It’s why this news this morning stings. We had no idea that confident guy we saw on TV was struggling when the camera was off.

Rest in peace sir. Wish I’d had the chance to meet you. As Tampa Bay’s Junk Foodie, thank you for the great stories you told. We wanted more. –Geno

Warning: if you’re at work or the kids are nearby, the language gets a little raw a few times in this clip.

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