My Newest Trader Joes Addiction: Coffee Milk

Not a fan of waiting in line for a $5 cup of coffee, waiting for your Keurig or coffee maker, or just not a fan of hot beverages on a humid Tampa morning? Me either. For years, I’ve bought those Starbucks Frappuccino bottles you get at Publix. They’re about $6 for a 4 pack. No more.

Every time I go to Trader Joe’s, I get hooked on some weird food creation. Everyone knows about cookie butter and two buck Chuck, but have you ever bought their coffee syrup?

Me either. It caught my eye. What on Earth is coffee syrup? I asked Siri to look it up. Apparently it’s a big thing in Rhode Island. To be honest, Rhode Island is one of the most forgettable states I’ve spent a lot of time in. But I’ve gotta hand it to them on this one. Their official state drink is “coffee milk.” Now that I’m on the subject, Rhode Island also has a pretty cool thing in Providence that’s unique to the city. If you ever visit, look up when they’re doing the “water fires” and go experience it. It’s very cool.

Anyway. Back to the drink.

Think of it this way. Remember how you used Hershey’s syrup as a kid to make chocolate milk? Same concept. But use WAY less of this stuff… it’s strong. Put in a few teaspoons of this coffee syrup stuff into a glass. Add some milk, whole or lowfat. It doesn’t matter. Stir. Drop in some ice cubes. You’re done. Voila. You now have a cheap sweet ice cold coffee wake up drink that costs way less than what you’d pay at Starbucks and only takes 30 seconds to make.

As much as I love sugar and caffeine, hot coffee in the morning doesn’t work for me. It’s too hot here in Florida. I’m hooked on this stuff now. I’ve had it pretty much every morning since I discovered it 2 or 3 weeks ago. People also use this stuff on ice cream as a topping. And since it’s a Trader Joe’s product, there aren’t any weird chemicals. It’s just basically cane sugar and coffee sludge. Sludge. Way to go Geno. Call it sludge. That’ll get people to wanna try it.

It costs about $5 a bottle. If you use it every morning, one bottle will probably last 3 or 4 weeks.

Published by Geno from 99.5 WQYK

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