Geno Is Back On Q105

Back in October, I started a vague unexplained countdown on Twitter.

Some thought it might be a Garth Brooks concert announcement. One person figured it had something to do with a report an asteroid will hit the earth that day. In November, I posted a countdown that doubled as a clue:

Nobody figured the clue out until I had them sing the clue. Sing those numbers 86, 7, 53, 09. 8, 6, 7, 5, 3, 0, 9. 867-5309. Yeah the title to a lyrics of one of Q105’s most popular songs.

So what’s the deal? First you’ll notice the countdown was modified last week. At the last minute there was a bit of a change in plans and as you heard, I was on Q105 this past Saturday night.

I’ve really missed being on the Q. Most of you know me from 99.5 QYK and I’m still hosting Nights With Geno, but for the past few months I’ve really been looking forward to getting back on Q105 as well. To those who listen to my podcast, I gave you a hint that the mystery countdown had to do with being able to do something in radio I’d never done before. I’ve been a morning guy. I’ve been on the air during at work hours. I’ve done the drive home show. I’ve done Top 40, rock, country even talk radio. But one thing I’ve never had the opportunity to do is an all-request party show. It’s something I wanted to do every since I first got into radio back in the early 90s. So I let the radio station know that I really wanted to get back on Q105 last year.

I had a different original game plan, but last week my friend Dave “Flash” Morgan left as host of the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party. Dave’s one of the areas biggest club hosts and I think that’s his plan… to focus on his live gigs. As soon as I heard the news, I jumped on board to keep the Dance Party going. Dave worked really hard to bring it back to Q105 a few years ago. The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party is a Tampa Bay institution that goes way back and I’m psyched to take it on.

Saturday night was my first go at it. It blew me away how many Q105 listeners remembered me from years back. The phones were jammed all night. It went really well, but I’ve got some plans to ramp things up on the show. I’m really excited about one addition to the show in particular. Starting on the February 9 show, we’re going to go in the mix with YouTube’s biggest old school DJ… DJ Paul S. You’ll hear his mixes shortly before 9pm, 10pm and 11pm. DJ Paul S has mix shows on YouTube with over 1 million views. They are insanely good so I can’t wait to bring them to the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party.

To my country fans, I totally get it if this isn’t your cup of tea. But if you love old school jams, jump on board and like the new Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party Facebook page and listen this Saturday night at 7!


Published by Geno from 99.5 WQYK

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