Convert Old Cassettes To MP3

This is mostly for my radio friends who’ve asked me how I put my old shows from the 90s online. Check out this Cassette to MP3 converter on Amazon. It looks and feels like an old school Sony Walkman. You pop in your cassette tape and rewind it. Tap a button or two to startContinue reading “Convert Old Cassettes To MP3”

Best Gift For Mom Or Grandma

I’m a little late with this given that today is Mothers Day, but keep this in mind for birthdays or Christmas. This is something I got my grandmother and I’m pretty sure it’s made me her favorite grandchild ever since. You’ve probably tried to get your parents or grandparents into the internet age. But forContinue reading “Best Gift For Mom Or Grandma”

Geno The Not So Macho Man In 1986

I can’t believe I’m going to share this photo with you. No not the one you see here. The one still to come. It’s beyond embarrassing. But the story behind it is a fun childhood memory.

The Guilt of Scott Peterson: When You’re 50% Sure You Were 100% Right

For the past couple months, I’ve had a feeling of guilt over presuming someone else’s guilt. This started 15 years ago back when I was the new morning guy at KHOP in Modesto, California. You probably don’t know much about Modesto. If the small city’s name does ring a bell, there’s a 99% chance it’sContinue reading “The Guilt of Scott Peterson: When You’re 50% Sure You Were 100% Right”

The Carbonaro Effect Tricks Exposed

A lot of my web traffic is from folks looking for an old message board I had going discussing one of my favorite shows, The Carbonaro Effect. If you haven’t seen it, watch it on truTV or here online. I’m sorry to say that the forum had to be taken down due to spammers andContinue reading “The Carbonaro Effect Tricks Exposed”