“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. An Alligator

It doesn’t get much more Florida than this. Although I don’t know where this actually happened. But I’ve watched it a dozen times and I’m 59.41% sure this was faked. What do you do when a gator is approaching in the water? Get out? Nah. Too easy. Climb to the top rope and unleash yourContinue reading ““Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. An Alligator”

6 Years In Florida And I’ve Never Seen An Alligator

I posted on Facebook a couple weeks ago when I was down in Miami that after 6 years of living in Florida, I’d still never come across an alligator. Oh sure, I’ve seen them at Busch Gardens and some tourist trap type places. But in my daily life, I’ve never spotted one. People actually gotContinue reading “6 Years In Florida And I’ve Never Seen An Alligator”